Weapon X, also known as the Chi Protocol, was originally a part of the government's Department K, who created the top secret Weapon Plus project, which intended to conduct experiments on Homo Superiors, better known to the public as mutants, in order to use what was then newly discovered X-Genes, for militaristic purposes, splitting up into various protocols.

When Department K decided to become more extreme with their methods, the government attempted to shut down the Weapon Plus project, but Weapon X continued living on, even after the great cataclysm, continuing to experiment on Homo Superiors and Homo Sapiens alike, in complete secrecy, in seperation from the government... Will you join in and take all action neccassary to achieve the power we aim towards?

Pledge of SecrecyEdit

I hereby pledge myself to Weapon X and its long expedition to find the greatest mutantic power. I vow myself under complete secrecy of my concurrence with the project, its analysis and its motives. I take upon myself all duties and affiliated in partnership, and whole heartedly commit, in the sake of power and science.

Official AnnouncementsEdit

There are no announcements to display at this time.




Nathanial Moses


Mela Grand


Nathan Motion

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