Olivia and Jasper Motion were murdered. They were murdered by a man known as The Czar. He was a villian greater then all villians. He was thirst for blood. The 11 Motion kids were all that remained. They vowed to get revenge on this man no longer what it took.

  1. Marx Motion, member of Thunderbolts (User:Lowdy345)
  2. Drake Motion, member of Hellfire Club (User:Nhlott)
  3. Tony Motion, member of Young Masters (User:Theflammablesection)
  4. Nathan Motion, member of Weapon X (User:OceanKing)
  5. -, member of - (User:WingsofLight)
  6. Lazael Motion, member of Wrecking Crew (User:PerseusJackson)
  7. Alexandra Motion, leader of The Sinister Circle (User:KittyInASheepsClothes)
  8. -, member of - (-)
  9. Leila Motion, member of Brotherhood of Mutants (User:Jenna Fraen)

They are all villians, I'm planning on making a mission out of this. So, just make the charries. Btw, the reason I'm making this is to make more of a community on this wiki. No one is allowed to have two charries. No double groups such as since Marx is in Thunderbolts no one else's charrie can be in thunderbolts. So reply and say name power and group and I will tell you if it sounds good, then make the claim and after all spots are filled the quest planning will begin. For anymore info see Marx's history.

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