The Hellfire Mansion

You are walking within the vicinity known in your area to be the most lush and luxurious of all. Upon doing so, you find an estate that's the most eye catching of all, secured with an iron gate, stone walls and even a few manned guards.


Upon approaching the gates, the guards will either let you through, or banish you (and perhaps even worse, if necessitous), depending on your authority. Those permitted to enter will find themselves following a fenced path of cobblestone, in the midst of a lush, rural landscape. At the splitting of the path into two, you will find the dwelling.


Now, you can go through the doors and into the residency from here, or keep following the path into the gardens.

The Hellfire Mansion is the base of operations of The Hellfire Club. Originally, the club was separated into several branches all over the world, but after the cataclysm, the new reign decided to unite the branches into a single unit, therefore moving them into a single base. This very base is the mansion, which shifts location at the will of the Baroness Imperial, using pure magic to suit the landscape to the facility. Aside from the large gates and the guards, it is also protected by magical barriers, put up by the Baroness Imperial herself.

The Mansion is currently anchored in: New York City.