The Cataclysm

On a calm, summer day in Times Square in New York City, the Cosmic Cube appears on a cafe table top, seemingly from nowhere. In a matter of 2 hours, the city block erupts into a mass of violence. Nearly all of Earth's heroes as well as just a many villains were locked in battle over the Cube. In the midst of the battle, a stray arrow of Hawkeye pierces the surface of the cube, causing it to explode, killing nearly all involved in a matter of seconds.

Cube cosmos -1

This is the Cosmic Cube. The instrument of New York's utter destruction. In a struggle to obtain it, countless lives were lost.

Energy Fall

The ravaging of New York. After the destruction of the Cosmic Cube,massive amounts of power and destructive force ripped the land asunder, killing thousands, including several of the world's heroes and villains.