The Alliance of Ascenders

Known informally as The Alliance, the Alliance of Ascenders was the fruit of Malcolm Knox (known then as Militia, now known as Osprey), a young Avenger and Nithya (known as Seer), a member of the Future Foundation. Meeting after the end of the cataclysm, they found many common goals in both of their teams' visions and their own personal visions. They, along with the willing remainder of the Avengers and the Future Foundation formed the Alliance of Ascenders, a group with the intent of protecting the law and the people under it at any cost.

This lawful good team consists of members of all shapes, sizes and species. The Alliance advocates coexistence of species, justice and liberty. This righteous team, residing in The Ascenders' Keep, has always relied on the concepts of justice, righteousness and valor to constitute their working agenda; however, the Alliance isn't directly affiliated directly with the government or the law of man.

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Central Division

Youth Division

External Relations

Associative Relation Elaboration
Ultimate X Allied The two teams have worked together several times, and the group largely advocates all species coexisting, and thus, their cause as well.