After the Heroes and Villains alike have reached the Los Angeles Skrull covergence point, and made their way into the center - they will need to face their final opponent, and perhaps the most troublesome, the leader of the Skrull militia, Super-Skrull. Remember: the heroes and villains need to cooperate, though each still abides to their goals.




  1. Militia (Malcom Knox), Leader of The Avengers, (User:Nhlott)
  2. Lodestone (Kai Heath), Leader of the New Warriors, (User:WingsofLight)
  3. Cloud (Rextinitus Cloudous), Leader of Inhumans, (User:Lowdy345)
  4. Seer (Nithya), Lieutenant of The Avengers, (User:GirlofDelusion)
  5. Incantio (Absolom Magus), Lieutenant of S.H.I.E.L.D, (User:PerseusJackson)


  1. Sonarica (Hazel Simmons), Leader of Young Masters, (User:Comiclove)
  2. Tempest (Duke Palmer), Leader of The Brotherhood of Mutants, (User:Alejandro231)
  3. Wildvyne (Amarantha Bellamy / Rainha Veneno), Lieutenant of The Revengers, (User:BachLynn23)
  4. Andrealphus (Carter Adams), Lieutenant of The Omega Gang, (User:KittyInASheepsClothes)
  5. Hypnotist (Darcy Saunders), Member of the Young Masters, (User:Bctcz)


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