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Elliot Hunter
Animals are Awesome!
The Predator
Lieutenant of the Defenders
A True Animal
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Defenders Base
Status Alive and Well
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1
Affiliation The Defenders
Weapons Whip and Gun
Powers Animal Shapeshifting, Other Animal Related Powers
Missions None Yet


Logan is a very impulsive and hyper kid. He always like spending time outdoor and morphs freely for no one really. He is very nice to person to everyone on face, and generally never shows anger unless in battle.


Logan is the son of two regular human zoologist. His parents didn't want a kid for the joy having an offspring to raise. His parents wanted a kid they would be able to test on without gathering too much attention. His parents preformed various tests on Elliot mixing his DNA with that of animals in an attempt to form a human-animal mutant hybrid. His parents preformed this test on him at the age of 5, and after observing him and testing on him for another three years they were dissappointed to see his powers didn't come in. Instead of using him for more tests his parents adopted a baby that they could test on away from the public eye. Because they did not need Elliot anymore and they know considered him just a distraction they kicked him out of the house. Elliot grew up alone on the streets and when he reached the age of puberty strange things began happening to him. He began understanding the speech on animals and he could suddenly see better. A few months later more of his powers began to come in, and he began developing the ability to get certain traits from animals. About later his powers had finally come in and he discovered he was a mutant. When he began using his powers in public he gained a lot of attention and it aroused many peoples curosity. One day a member of the Defenders saw Elliot displaying his unique powers. He took him back to the Defender base where after going through a few tests he was welcomed into the group.. After eing in the group for a few years all of his recognizable accomplishments were to much to over-look and became the lieutenant.

Powers Edit

  • Telepathy
  • Animal Morphing
  • Omni-Linguism
  • Superhuman Tracking
  • Able to communicate and control actions of animals
  • Superhuman senses/reflexes/vision
  • Echolocation
  • Animal Mimicry
  • Wallcrawling

Weakness Edit

He has claustrophobia, and in tight spaces his powers are very limited because he cannot turn into any animals that are strong enough to defeat an opponent. Because basically all of his powers are limited in tight spaces he is also scared of being in tight spaces.