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Nathan Motion
God of the Sky
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Unknwon
Status Alive and dangerous
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5 ft 10 in
Affiliation Weapon X, Motion Family
Weapons His breathing mask
Powers Control over wind and can fly
Missions None


Born as the 5th child of the Motion Family. He was born into a family of musicians. He personally didn't like singing so he left that to his other family members while he played the keyboard. His brother Marx was the only one who didnt like playing music and since he looked up to him he helped Marx with his boxing training. Then it happened, one day a strange man came to his house and killed his mother and father. In his anger he created a tornado. Ashamed of what he was he ran away from his 8 siblings. After months of stealing and living on the streets he finally stole from the wrong person: he tried to steal a policeman's wallet, so he tasered Nathan in the butthole. Then Weapon X showed up and saved his life, and offered him a spot on the team. He gladly accepted and he's been there ever since. With anger, hatred and revenge on his mind he vowed to one day kill his parents killer.


His attitude towards his family is always different. He can be a bit cocky. He is very good with puzzles "not jigsaw puzzles, ancient labirinth type puzzles". He's a great swimmer. Knows the name of any weapon that has ever been known to man. He is a great musician. He swears revenge against the man that killed his parents.


He can control wind. He can fully control the wind from making a small breaze to something as serious as a giant tornado. He can also fly.