Colliar, which means "necklace" in French
Maria Aka Colliar

Colliar aka Maria Boulet


Born into a half-french, half-american family, Maria lived a small city. She loved to shop, everyday she would go out and shop, shop shop. "Shopped 'til she Dropped", as the expression says. Then, one day, when she was about 15, she went out to go shop and she came out with a beautiful necklace with a "glowing" pendant. Little did she know, it was literally glowing, not sparkle "glowing", but actually glowing. It glowed because it had powers, it may be a bit cliche, but it's true. Maria realized this when she was about 16 and she decided to use those powers for good. She was contacted by the Young Avengers when they found out about her powers. She called herself "Collair", which means "necklace" in french, seeing how her necklace is what made her become who she is now. She's been helping the Young Avengers recruit new members ever since.


Her powers are object based off of her pendant. These are her powers:

  • Time Manipulation
  • Telekiniesis
  • Empathy


Maria loves to have everything go her way, in a training fight, if she loses, she gets so mad that she always feels like backing up time and starting the fight over again. She never does cause she knows that she wouldn't win the fight fairly. She wants to use her powers for good, not evil, because she loves humanity and thinks everyone is equal no matter race, skin color, or sex.


When using her Time Manipulation, she can only slow time down and back it up. Maria is claustrophobic, she hates being in elevators even in closets for large amounts of time. Once, when she was little, her friends locked her in her closet as a joke and she's been terrified of small spaces ever since.