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Lily Walters AKA Lilith
Lily Infobox
Hmmm emotions,so weak, agreed?
The Youngest Walters Sibling
Important Information
Gender Female
Location WIP
Status Alive,14
Eye Color WIP
Hair Color WIP
Height 5'2
Affiliation WIP
Weapons WIP
Powers Empath
Missions None at the moment.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Lily Walters

Code Name: Lilith

Age: 14

Power: empath

Group: Brotherhood of the Mutants



Lily is feisty and snappy. She is very bitchy and her remarks are sharp and insulting mostly. It is hard to get her to like you and you really have to put in some deep effort for her to even consider. She is a major flirt for hot guys and is extremely blunt on her opinion of people. She disapproves of Richard being a hero, and often believes he is a lost hope and started hating him. She looks up to Mac, as the better sibling in her opinion. She likes it "rough" in life and is very cruel.


Lily was the youngest sibling of the Walters family. Her brothers were MacDonwald 'Mac" and Richard "Rickie". She was often quite protected as a child because of her brothers. As she got older, around 14 years old, she started to sense things. Like feelings. She felt her mothers anger at time, her brothers happiness and her friends sadness when her pet had died. She didnt tell anyone what she could sense, and decided to try someythings out. She learnt that she could control emotions. She still did not tell anyone until her brother Mac, left. She had looked up to him most, and became cold after he left.

One day, when she was 15, she was walking home from school, when a man came at her. He was drunk and attacked her with his knife. Lily freaked out and used her powers to make him feel horrible pain in his emotions. She did this and ran. When she got home, she searched the internet for any knowledge on special powers. She found the Brotherhood of the Mutants.She packed her things, and ran away from home. Here she is now, Lt of the Brotherhood and known As Lilith........


  • Can sense emotions
  • Can control emotions
  • Can destroy emotions
  • Can steal emotions