Kai Heath
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Kai was born in the beaches of Phuket, Thailand. His Mother, Evangeline Angchuan and His Father, George Heath soon migrated to the US bringing him along. They lived a fairly normal life and soon , His Father formulated an invention to fuse a Human being with an object, The human earning the properties of the objects fused with them. Later in his life, Kai helped his Father and at the Anniversary of their Death, finally completed George Heath's Invention and succeeded...After knowing that the cause of his parents' death was not a plane crash but a murder. He fused himself with Metals and Rocks, later earning the power to mimic these elements, He then joined the then New Warriors, after visiting, K'un-L'un, He tried to recreate their ability to use their Chi, he was successful in the form of his invention, He used it to learn to manipulate the Earth...In one battle with his Enemy in his Lab, The Laboratory was destroyed along with his Inventions. He was devastated but he moved on, He is now the Leader of the New Warriors.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born December 9, 1983
Family Evangeline Angchuan (Mother, Deceased)

George Heath (Father, Deceased)

Status Alive

, Leader of the New Warriors

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6' 1"
Affiliation New Warriors, Superheroes
Weapons Powers
Home New Warriors HQ, formerly Phuket, Thailand
Enemies Supervillains



Kai is very firm with his Decision but if in need of adjustment, He would adjust which happens very rarely...He is also Calm and Upbeat, He listens and waits before he attacks.



Weapons and PowersEdit

Weapons and Powers


  • Metal Manipulation
  • Rock Manipulation
  • Metallic Mimicry
  • Earth Mimicry


  • Cannot manipulate extra-terrestrial elements.
  • The Heavier the object, The more energy it requires.
  • Requires Personal limit on Weight and Distance one may control the element from