Jack Katana
Lt. of Heroes for Hire
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Jack was born on July 17, 1990. His parents taught Taikwando in the small town of Erie, Kansas. That was never Jack's interest. His brother on the other hand was his parents favorite, he was a mutant just like them. He liked Taikwando and fencing. Jack on the other hand just enjoyed fencing. Correction, he LOVED fencing. He was the small town champion in 4th Grade. In 6th he went to the Region Championship. There he won easy 2nd, only to be beat by his twin brother. Then he was offered State, he happily accepted. When he went there was a handful of more people to beat. He started out at the bottom, going against some of the easiest kid and worked his way to the last two games. He was against his brother again. This time he was determined to win. He fought hard and finally beat his brother. It was time for the finale, he was going against a man he never met before. He made him lose within seconds. The crowd was amazed, this young boy was a prodgidy. His parents still hated him though. They were mad that there other son didn't win. He was put up for adoption.

The next family to adopt him was rich. They heard of his skills at fencing and figured he could make them rich. By then he was 15, almost old enough to go to the Olympics. He practiced every day due to his adoptive parents wishes. He was entered in every contest, winning every one. They were getting a lot more money coming in due to their 'investment', ahem, kid. He was finally 18 and he signed up for the Olympics and he made it. He snuck away at night and hitched rides to where the training and stuff was. Once it was time for the Olympics he was ready. He started out good and he made it to the top 6. That night, while he was sleeping, his room was sabotaged. It was unknown who done it but everything was gone, including his two favorite swords. In their place was too different ones. That day when he fought he lost. The stranger swords didn't feel right. They weren't they were rigged. The swords where heavier then the other swords, so he wasn't has quick with them. That night a man visited him. His name was Spectre. He told him about hearing of his great abilities and that he would love to have him on Heroes for Hire. Jack happily accepted.


Jack loves being on the team. He is very kind and loving.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1990
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Heroes for Hire
Weapons Multiple Swords

Apollo's Cabin</font>

Missions N/A



He owns two katanas made of Vibranium.