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Dominic Garnett
Mark Zuckerberg that guy is so poor
Sixth Richest Man in the World
Made of Stone
Important Information
Gender Male
Location Hellfire Mansion
Status Alive, Well, and rich
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1
Affiliation Hellfire Club
Weapons Hammer and Gun
Powers Mostly related to geokinesis
Missions None Yet


Dominic is smart, witty, and a very optomistic person. He tries to act very elegant, mature, and classy, though he was not born into a rich family. He prefers to analyze a situation before he attacks, and prefers to start out with defensie mentality before he goes on on the offense. He is not very-implusie, and is calm and tries to make the best desicions under pressure. He is very loyal to his cause and is very trustworthy to a selcted group of people.


Dominic was the son of a mutant and his mortal wife. His father was afraid of his powers and tried to avoid them as much as possible and hid them. One day his dad became overwhelmed with the continuous suppression of his power and when they loosened he ended killing himself and his wife, while Dominic was at school. Dominic was then taken to an orphanage, but greatly disliked it there, so he ran away and lied life on the streets. Though Dominic had no education, he was what they callled a "street-smart" kid, and he was very much into money. At 12 he started his own small drug trade that eventually expanded over the year. Dominics' entrepreneurship didn't start very well, but then his powers came in. Dominic would then scare his competition using his powers until he was the only drug trader in the slums of Chicago. Dominic got sufficient money from his drug trade, but he wanted more. He thought about he could use his powers to make more money, and then he was finally able to think of an idea. Dominic completely left his drug trade in Chicago, and moved to the Rocky Mountains. Using his geokinetic skills he was able to locate diamond, gold, and other expensive materials in the Rocky Mountains. After several months he came out of the mountains and opned his own company, The Garnett Corps. The Garnett Corps started out as a very successful jewelry company, and after a few years of postive economic growth he expanded his profit margin to a whole new plethora of projects. At only 23 years of age Dominic was able to rack the top 50 of Forbes Billonaires List, and then at 25 Dominic became the youngest man ever to make it in the top ten. His notable accomplishments and large amounts of wealth attracted the Hellfire Club who inited him to join their ranks.


  • Geokinesis
  • Gravitational Manipulation
  • Magentism Control
  • Able to turn mortals, animals, or regular living things to diamond (temporarily). Able to turn non-living things (permanently diamond)
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Flight

Weakness Edit

Dominic has a morbid fear of water. Almost all of his powers are neutrilized under water, and he has a deathly fear of swimming because at a young age he almost died from drowning.