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Adriana Fleur
Important Information
Gender Female
Location Hellfire Club
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Hellfire Club
Weapons knives
Powers ability to turn into smoke
Missions None


Smoke dresses like someone in the Hellfire club, sluttily. She is 5'10" with black hair and eyes. She usually dresses in tight fitting clothing and looks like she has an aura of smoke around her at all times


Smoke is a very subtle woman using intrigue as her first weapon. She likes to manipulate people and has a very cruel sense of humor. Her weakness is greed and usually takes some side jobs as a thief. Her bad habit is actually smoking cigarettes and she usually carries a pack around with her, though she makes sure to carry mints too so her smoke has a distinct minty scent.


Adriana Fleur was born in Lyons to two working class parents. Her uncle was the head master at a private school so she attended there, and grew up surrounded by the wealthy. When she was thirteen she discovered her power and began to use it to steal from local shops and stores. By the age of eighteen she was robbing banks and jewelry stores. At twenty she had amassed a fortune and started a legitmate business with her shrewd dealings and extra income meaning her many clothing stores did well. This brought her to the attention of Enigma who invited her to join the Hellfire Club.


The power to turn into smoke, the smoke can choke people and seep out through the tiniest crack, she can only take what she can carry and turn it into smoke so no other people. She can turn parts of her body into smoke allowing her to avoid some damage, vulnerable to fire.